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Fishing Program

Blooming Place for Kids provides safe and tested activities while providing happy experiences that last a lifetime for children who have come from horrific circumstances!

The Anclote Key Anglers is a not for profit organization that focuses on four principals: Fishing, Family, Education and Charity. In one simple word “Destiny” brought us to Jan Horn and the “Blooming Place for Kids”. We team up with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission outreach coordinator Gina Russo to provide a ray of hope and light to these children by interacting with them through the sport of fishing. The program does not allow us to forget what life has put these children through and to let them know one truth will always stay the same that we believe in them and will always care. We fish, teach, barbeque, laugh, dance and love. We at the Anclote Key Anglers enter every year with the “Blooming Place for Kids” having the expectation that somehow, someway we are going to make things better than the last. Yet every year we feel like we have never done enough. I hope that feeling never changes. Captain David M Rieumont President Anclote Key Anglers

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